The biggest environmental problem in my town

The biggest environmental problem in my town is air pollution. There is rubbish pollution too. I think huge number of cars and cement factory is the reason for air pollution. There are things people can do to solve the problem. For example local authorities should ban use car at the center of town. They should […]

Our planet is getting hotter

Every year, every month our planet is getting hotter. This is cause of global warming. There are some think which cause global warming: Gases. When heat from sun hits the Earth, most of this heat goes back into space. But now some gases, like carbon dioxide, catch the heat. In result, carbon dioxide control the […]

My favorite book

I have recently read a book, which has made a very deep impression on me. It is called “Gone with the Wind”. The author of the book is Margaret Mitchell. The story is set around the time of the American Civil War (1861 – 1865), when the Southern states went to war with the North […]

Your teacher has asked you to write an article describing a famous person from the history of your country.

I would like to tell you about Lesia Ukrayinka – one of the most famous Ukrainian poets. Lesia Ukrayinka is a pseudonym of Larysa Petrivna Kosach-Kvitka. She was a poet, dramatist, short-story writer, essayist, and critic who was the foremost woman writer in Ukrainian literature and a leading figure in its modernist movement. The daughter […]

A letter to a pen-friend. You are staying with your English friend in England. Write a short letter to your friend and tell him what you do every day.

Dear Alex, I am so happy to be here in England for our holidays. I am having a fantastic time and I just love this part of Great Britain. Mary and I are staying at her parents’ house. At the moment we are having a cup of hot chocolate and enjoying the spectacular view of […]

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